Palm Springs

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Oh yeah, so I'm not only posting outfit pictures to this blog but I want it to be an outlet for all my creativity, another being art. Painting is a huge part of who I am, and some people may not be interested in it or think it's very good. And that's okay. But I'm the boss here so...

This past weekend was Coachella in Palm Springs, California. While I was here in Florida, I lived through everyone's snapchat stories and instagram pictures of those who went...and watched it live via YouTube (thanks YouTube!) It's a music festival for people to gather around and hop from one venue to another in the middle of the dessert surrounded by art, music, and a culture like no where else. I've never been, but dream of going sometime in the future.  As I was scrolling through my feed, my head was spinning with imagery and colors that I had to let out. I've actually been inspired by California for a little while now and started the cactus painting about a month and a half ago. There's more paintings that were started and will upload them once they are finished!